8 Reasons to Change Your Restaurant Management Software in 2018

Restaurant Management Software

One of the prevalent challenges that restaurant owners everywhere face is being in attendance at their restaurant all the time. This scenario is particularly true in case of large chain restaurants where the business and operations of multiple outlets are required to be handled. Even if you have elected precise tasks to your restaurant employees, you still have to manage the day to day operations, and continually quantify as well as monitor the business performance of your restaurant.

Thus comes up the need of an effective Restaurant Management Software that not only lets your employees carry out the business operations, but also offer real-time reports and comprehensive insights that you could only otherwise gain by being personally available at your restaurant.

Continue reading to find out signs which characterize whether your restaurant management software or current restaurant system software is out of date or not.

1. It gives no evident insights on sales and revenue generation

Precise software for restaurants lets you clearly handle your sales data with consistent statistics on a day to day revenue. Straightforwardly said, if you are not getting any of these through your restaurant software, it is an apparent indication that you require substituting your current restaurant system software.

2. Costly to update and maintain

Customary updations and maintenance of your systems is a must. But if doing that for your existing restaurant system is a burdensome job it will require more efforts and time to maintain it. Your customers are in the queue waiting for their turn for ordering or payment and suddenly if the software crashes and if this happens frequently you can be in a troublesome scenario. You may lose your sales and it gets pricey to every time update with recurrently faced bugs or technological slip-ups, thus adding up to your overall expenses.

3. Tedious User Interface (UI) to handle

The interface of the software is not simple to use and it is not making your business operations easier to manage. As a substitute for that, you have been finding the middle ground on the competence, making it an outdated restaurant management system.

4. Immobile support

Often times, you get jammed at an operation or the system discontinues working. And with a lot of hope and trust, you call up your software system salesperson with no swift response. Immobile and belated support is one of the major factors pointing in the direction of outdated system software.

5. Inadequate integrations

You want to put together with a new customer feedback system, but you find yourself powerless as your current software system is not competent of holding that new system integration.

6. Outdated loyalty programs

If you are still caught with the conventional loyalty programs you can be in real trouble to sustain your business for long. You badly require switching to a restructured loyalty program at your restaurant and your restaurant system is not capable to grip your loyalty program. This again is an alarming sign to change your current system with new updated restaurant management software.

7. Unable to match up or synchronize with your performance

You are not able to bring into line your present software system with your restaurant’s futuristic performance. In brief, the system does not offer any real-time insights on your sales, revenue and marketing expenses to assist you to get an idea of your restaurant Return on Investment (ROI). This analysis is important as it will help in the growth and maturity of your restaurant business.

8. Increasing customer waiting time’s

By and large, technology is made-up to make our work more rapid and effortless. But if that’s the other way round with your software system you are utilizing at your restaurant, and your customers have been waiting for more time than customary because of the software or technology you are using; it’s a sign that you are utilizing an outdated restaurant management software solution.

There are a lot many aspects which can be of assistance to you in determining whether you are utilizing an old-fashioned restaurant management system or not. However, if ‘yes’ is the answer to at least four of the above-talked facets, then you really require considering altering your current software system.

Find below how a high-quality restaurant management software solution will assist you to operate your restaurant in an enhanced way and what should you look for in a restaurant software system.

Precise and end-to-end restaurant management software provides everything starting from
  • Order, table and menu management,
  • Billing management
  • Feedback management
  • Queue management
  • Stock and inventory management,
  • Handling of payroll and attendance,
  • Banquet management
  • Effortless data management
  • POS software to handle the restaurant effortlessly
  • Offers comprehensive reports on sales and revenue
  • And a lot more stuff that can be tailored to the client’s business needs

Other criteria that matters comprise of

Swift Services

It should offer real-time storage and way into your restaurant’s information from any place and at any given time.

Data Security

The system should be created around benchmark security protocols offering well-organized data security.

Should be Up to date

All the forthcoming updations, features and new system versions should be communicated as soon as they are launched in the market.

Moving Forward

Try looking for a new effective restaurant management software system for your business and you will have the whole thing taken care of. We provide one of the best software for restaurants with everything that you require for a smooth move. Our company even have a cloud-based restaurant POS software system to manage your daily restaurant business operations with eventual convenience and ease in data management.

We also offer customized software solutions tailored to your business needs. Our software systems possess high-quality User Interface (UI), are highly scalable, require minimum IT expertise and they enable quick implementation as well as deployment. Our systems make sure smooth operations and leverage business success.

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