6 Top reasons why you need a Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurant Point of Sale

Every month thousands of restaurants plan to deploy a restaurant technology. One of the most important benefits of implementing a point of sale system for a restaurant is the proven return on investment. Since restaurant run on a very limited margin, it becomes challenging for them to invest their hard earned profit into something which will not give them something in return. It is essential to focus on your restaurant POS system as it is the nerve of your business and which helps you in smooth functioning of all the operations of your restaurant. If you still on the verge embracing the benefits of restaurant technology then we have six top reasons why you need a restaurant point of sale.

All of us are familiar and aware of the fundamental functions of the Restaurant POS. These points will help you decide on why you should leverage restaurant POS and stand out from the competitors by making the most optimum use of restaurant management software.

  • Controlling Inventory
As a restaurateur, you must be spending most of your resources on inventory. Then Inventory Control feature of your point of sale systems for the restaurant is the solution for all your problems. A POS allows you to identify the usage of ingredients, usage pattern and hence will help you strategize your buying decision accordingly. The system will guide you throughout the buying decision and assist in monitoring ingredient levels.

A superior restaurant inventory management module will look after employee adoption of inventory controls by making straightforward the workflow and management activities.  It will optimize stock levels with recommended ordering based on analytics. It will offer real-time awareness of stock availability levels and notifications as they occur. It will overview the purchases by vendors, stores, and required items. The system will simplify the complexities of restaurant growth with cost controlling business solutions and boosting the overall profitability.

How POS Software for Restaurants can Transform Business Ecosystem

  • Resource Management
A Restaurant point of sale allows you to streamline your resources. There are features in POS system which helps in resource management and automates many of your workforce processes. Right from tracking their attendance, the system enables you to keep track of them in and out of your workforce. The system ensures smooth functioning of all the operations even during peak hours. Hence you can plan your resources accordingly. Through the POS system, you can extract reports for payroll.

  • Waste Management
A restaurant POS is a must for minimizing waste in the restaurant. After a specific usage, a restaurant POS system will give you actual data of where and why the inventory levels are not matching. This also gives you a clear picture of your staff’s misuse of ingredients and products. You can even get an idea of the overstocks which are not used on time. Minimizing wastage helps you in saving a huge chunk of the capital.

  • Order Accuracy
A POS system for restaurant helps in improving communication across all the channels.  Chefs will not be misunderstanding the handwritten orders. The system gives a systematic receipt of the order places. The system also makes it easy to track who is serving which order, which staff is involved and which team ordered which meal for the guest. The POS technology minimalizes the errors which are much possible because of human intervention.

  • Makes Ordering & Training Easy
Most restaurants these days acknowledge orders from an assortment of online food ordering services. However, all these orders are inward individually, and at the end of the day, you have to enter the orders inward from these services physically.

Therefore, make it a point to pick POS software that acknowledges orders from various online food ordering services automatedly. Your POS solution can even assist you in monitoring and track your delivery staff which lets you stays in check on the delivery time, which is a crucial feature in customer experience.

An efficient POS will allow you to take up orders without wasting time efficiently. Mostly transferring knowledge for POS is also easy and quick. A straightforward POS ensures that the person using it doesn’t make any mistake while entering orders. This makes sure that the volume is flowing smoothly and also the customers are delighted. Moreover, restaurants keep on hiring new staff, and a point of sale system for a restaurant which is easy to use doesn’t require much time to invest in training.

8 Functionalities Every Restaurant POS System Should Have

  • Central Repository
A restaurant POS system becomes a central repository where you can enter, store and review data on a regular basis in order to enhance your service to the customers.

With a central POS repository, you can have continuous access to all the business owned and franchise restaurant POS systems sitting in a corporate office. This empowers you to focus on the core business. There are many food technology software, restaurant technology products and services available in the markets that offer a host of solutions for your business. However, it is always wise to use an integrated solution that comprises of all the functionalities, features, as a substitute for using different tools for diverse jobs.

Moving Forward

We at Penguin App, think these reasons are enough to convince you that why a Restaurant point of sale system is required. Penguin App is an entirely optimized android restaurant POS developing the concept of dining by automating the restaurant performance and enhancing customer services in innovative ways.

Penguin’s cloud management solution offers vital convenience and console in data management. It provides fast services, is effortless to manage and contains all the latest updates, features as well as versions launched as soon as they strike the market. It is a restaurant management system that can be customized to your business requirements at an affordable price. You as a restaurant owner can choose a plan that fits most excellently for your restaurant.

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