12 Thoughtful Restaurant Gifting Ideas for this Diwali

12 Thoughtful Restaurant Gifting Ideas for this Diwali

A Restaurant Management Software is always said to be an ideal solution for the smooth functioning of any restaurant. The reason being the streamlines all the departments of the restaurant right from ordering to the kitchen and till the order is served to the guest or delivered to their doorsteps. This leads to superb service and happy customers who keep coming to your restaurant regularly at the same time refer many more guests to your restaurant. Well, having said that there are various ways to delight the guests and make them remember you for years to come.

Diwali the festival of lights is just there, what good would be the occasion than to make your guests feel special by gifting some unforgettable gifts. Don’t worry we are with a list of 12 amazing ideas your restaurant can gift to the guests that fit best to the theme of your business.

1. Set of Branded Glasses & Mugs

If your restaurant serves wines, then gifting a set of wine glasses branded with your logo is the best choice. You can serve wines and the same glasses guests can take along with them as a memory. Even branded Mugs would be an ideal gift as it will promote your brand across people who so ever use it. Mugs people often use in their workplaces. Hence these kinds of items become handy can be used on a daily basis.

2. Silverware

Silver is said to be one of the precious metals. Silver plates and glasses make a great gifting idea; it gives enough space for re-enforcing your brand. Apart from that porcelain plates are also a good idea if silverware goes out of your budget.

3. T-shirts/ Caps/ Bags

Giving away Merchandiser and Apparels that have your brand logo on it is makes a great gifting item. You can gift them to walk-in guests as a token of thanks for their loyalty towards your brand. People love bags and as a matter of fact now a day eco-friendly jute bags have become people’s favorite. These, if bought in bulk, will come cheaper and even your guests will appreciate it for years to go until they use it.

4. Dry Fruits

What good can it be - then promoting healthy eating habits? Gifting dried fruits or chocolates is a great idea. As per the Diwali tradition, people share sweets with their loved ones and hence Dry Fruits and Chocolates becomes the best idea so far. Apart from dry fruits, you can also give fruit baskets which have your branding on it.

5. Home D├ęcor

Usually, people do not like home decors which are branded however handpicked pieces without enforcing your brand will make your guests remember you every time they see it. Diwali is the festival of lights hence a small night lamp, set of scented candles, wall hangings etc. are some of the great ideas.

6. Diaries and Calendars

Just a few days after Diwali, come to the New Year, and hence Diaries and Calendars are also favorite gifting ideas. This helps people to plan the coming year more thoughtfully and since these items are frequently used your guests will evoke great memories of your brand.

7. Handmade Jewelry

There are a lot of charities promoting handicrafts by their members. If you wish to support such a noble cause, then you can reach out to such charity houses that make amazing handmade jewelry. These pieces are rare and very trendy. You can gift your customers necklace, pendant, bracelet etc. which they will cherish for years. There kind of jewelry fall in the various price range and hence you can choose the ones that fir the best into your budget.

8. Bluetooth Speakers

Nowadays gifting gadget is a new trend. Both men and women have been fond of devices in recent times. Bluetooth speaker makes an excellent idea to gift. Since they are chargeable and mobile moving around with it becomes easy, one can carry it to picnics and gatherings and have fun with friends and family.

9. Coasters

Diwali is a time when people visit each other. Coasters make fantastic household crockery while serving tea or coffee. Specially painted coasters are eye-catching and a very nice thing to gift your guests as they come handy during the festive time.

10. Gift Cards

Who doesn’t like shopping and gift vouchers? It is the right time to treat the loyalty of your customers by gifting them Gift Cards from leading apparel brands or gadget brand where can shop up to a certain amount.

11. Pens

Everyone fancies a branded Pen, and no other gift would justify how a pen is close to an individual. Pen if bought in bulk will come in the budget and stands out as one of the top performing promotional product for restaurants.

12. Children’s Toys

Family restaurants can give Children’s Toys as a Diwali Gift to kids who accompany their parents. It is a great take-home gift for kids as they love gifts. When their kids are happy, that is the most satisfying moment for the parents. Hence, toys are appreciated by both kids and parents.

Key Takeaways

Aren’t these thoughtful ideas to WOW your restaurant guests during the festival time? The options shared above will prove to be easy on your pockets and leave a significant impact on the minds of your loyal as well as new customers. Of course, restaurant management software will boost the ROI of your restaurant. However, thinking of customers during the festival time will be much appreciated for a much longer time.

Talking on behalf of the customers, they can enjoy some of the refreshing treats at the nearest restaurant or book a table online with the most exquisite food and drinks offers. As on these types of special events, many restaurants have set up new fresh menus or have come up with some original dishes with some magnificent deals for all the food lovers.

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