How to Detect Fraud and Manipulation at your Restaurant

Restaurant POS Software

Designing a loss avoidance strategy is a critical facet of running a fruitful restaurant business. Whether you run a recognized or a startup business, overlooking sources of loss can upset the viewpoint of any business. Today, a thriving restaurant strategy rotates around two key things. This incorporates a data-centric approach to interpret the sources of loss and even profits. The other is a comprehensive action plan that focuses on targeted analysis and all-around tactical communication. With POS restaurant software, a business can reduce the risk of loss and prevent manipulation assisting in answering the fraud concerns for restaurateurs resourcefully.

Loss Prevention Procedures in a Restaurant Business

Theft of inventory, hard cash and manipulation in accounting procedures are the most widespread type of harmful practices which distress a restaurant’s brand augmentation and disease overall business success. Whether you are putting into action a new loss prevention process or looking to refurbish your present security approaches, this blog will help you kick-start this procedure and let you know how to detect as well as eliminate frauds and manipulations at your restaurant.

1. Define and Monitor Cash Handling Process

Well-managed cash involved procedures decrease the risk of cash loss through employee errors or any theft. If you are short of current analysis and future documented plan, it makes it nearly unfeasible to monitor and identify cash handling problems. Deprived cash handling processes is typically a sign of poor management of operations, and having insights on how your cash is being administered is an essential element of being a restaurant owner or operator.

The POS software for restaurants enables you to have a comprehensive dashboard of cash management analytics and reports that display cash information as well as established thresholds. Furthermore, a cash index report that incorporates refunds, exclusive deals, discounts, and other metrics that could be a pointer of how cash mismanagement occurred assisting you to determine where problems or issues are frequently occurring.

2. Be in-charge of Restaurant Food Costs

Going through the periodic reports and analyzing your restaurant’s food costs are a vital element to running a competent food service business. Ordering tactics, waste reduction, smart turnover timeliness, and employee theft capturing are all stuff that can be concentrated on when you have improved visibility into food costs as well as its optimization.

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3. Thoroughly go through Periodic Reports

With periodic reports of your restaurant, you get to examine your restaurant improvements, especially the areas responsible for profits and losses. It gives access to answer significant questions blocking the intensification of your business. Thus to secure your business and anticipate troubles, we offer multiple reports which benefit you to stack up needed inventory reducing the tendencies of any manipulation.

As per National Restaurant Association (USA), employee thefts approximately lead to 75% of restaurant losses and eat up 3% of total annual revenue, which affects not only the short-term business but also the long-term success.

4. Role of Statistics and Analytics

In regards to accomplishments, statistics and analytics play a key role in shaping your restaurant business as a whole. Our restaurant POS software offers you the full access to precise numbers related to the total orders, tax details, periodic discounts, data concerning your bills, promotional activities, the frequency of offline and online orders and much more spot on from your dashboard.

So, investing in your POS system yields better security measures helping your restaurant business by automating procedures and, eradicate threats, frauds and the manipulation, additionally bringing precision in transactions and back-office operations.

5. Evidently Converse Restaurant Policies

Communication is another input to an efficient restaurant loss prevention strategy. Whether it is in initial staff training, during customary meetings, or when a new policy is set up, ensure that your employees are well aware and understand the rules and regulations involved in both short-term and the long-term tactics. Draw the staff to the awareness that software or procedures are in place to track their activities.

As the widely held staff frauds are opportunistic or due to the conviction that they either won’t be caught or there will be no consequence. Make sure the employee handbook is willingly accessible at needed places in the back-office or the kitchen so that the staffs are conscious of the fact that their off-putting activities do not go without being seen.

Promoting an open dialogue with your employees makes them feel an essential part of the team. This move towards will make them feel like a necessary asset to the restaurant, and assist pre-emptively in putting a stop to restaurant theft and boost the self-esteem.

6. High-quality POS Software

High-quality POS software is trouble-free to use and works as a tool to trace transactions, events and route data to determine problems. They can help you out with accurate reports, analytics and statistics to analyze existing situations and even forecast upcoming events.

Most POS restaurant software assists you to track transactional data from the dashboards, identify odd scenarios, solve current issues and monitors information for probable threats to ensure the long-term success of your overall business.

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7. Measure and Define Metrics

Monitor the incident for prevention and orientation. Let's say a problem arose and it was dealt with success. So, learning from this process, we can set specific metrics to put off a related event shortly or the long-term perspective.

Key Takeaways

Detecting and reducing frauds, theft and data manipulation will remain as a continuous challenge every restaurant big or small will face. With businesses focussing majorly on increasing and maintaining their overall sales volume, monitoring theft at the same time may prove to be worryingly time-consuming. Restaurant POS software has decreased the risk of failure by answering this anxiety for restaurateurs making them efficient and effective.

Furthermore, with Penguin App’s POS software for restaurants you get to build a plan for long-standing success, get rid of the “guesswork,” make intelligent and confident decisions for your business.

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