10 Prerequisite POS Software Features to Organize Your Retail Business


10 Prerequisite POS Software Features to Organize Your Retail Business

There are ample of POS software available in the market which has flooded the retail businesses. However, it is necessary to note that every business segment has its own unique needs as per the usage of retail POS software. A retail bakery needs a different kind of POS features as compared to a restaurant or apparel store for that matter. However, the experts have come around with in-depth research and arrived at the broad parameters required for effective and efficient POS software for any retail business.

Here are ten prerequisite features to look into while purchasing a POS for any Retail Business:

Features and Functionalities:

1. Swift Checkout with Quick Invoicing

The essential feature of POS retail software is that it must facilitate speedy checkout of items in purchase with instant billing. The Retail POS billing software system has graduated to barcode scanning based checkout systems; however, the technology has advanced with the advent of pass-through scanning. Swift retail billing software can accurately check-out things with the quick turnaround time for a long queue which is essential in retail stores and supermarkets.

2. Serve as an inventory management software

The POS software must offer an extension as inventory management software to enable POS managing staff to address any queries of customers on the availability of the product. Further, if POS acts as inventory management software – the manager of the store has an instant MIS available and helps in demand-supply assessment.

3. Assist customer relation team

The Customer Relations Team (CRT) is responsible for creating an ecosystem wherein they have a maximum share of returning customers which spill over and generate new leads which need an understanding of what is selling and why. Based on these aspects, CRT can conceptualize, design and implement schemes alluring the customers to become loyal. POS software’s flexibility assists in the implementation of a project and provides data analytics.

4. Automated Buying Functions

The POS system must have some upstream integration for retail business which allows businesses to place orders with suppliers based on current inventory levels seamlessly. This feature goes a long way in reducing work hours as well as the integration of the supply chain of entire business.

5. Have multiple locations and Mobility features

A right POS should also provide online admittance which assists you to stay connected every time with the business from any location. It is a fitting feature for franchises and retail firms having more than one set to operate.

6. The Payment Card Industry Contract

The PCI contract is one of the most crucial features which can be of assistance while building the business trust with the customers. It guards customers’ credit card information. A company may face legal concern if the POS does not possess this feature.

7. Efficient and Effective Reporting tools

Every retail POS should have a reporting feature which needs to be user-friendly. It should lay up information such as product styles or models, sales statistics, periodic sales numbers, yearly sales and round the hour transactions.

8. Instantaneous reports for monitoring data

With Point of Sale Software, one can see registers total with a breakdown of payment category supported by real-time and instantaneous data. Real-time updating means everywhere at any time the admin department can view the up to date numbers.

9. Digital Signage to boost additional revenue

This feature assists to build or generate added revenue by trading advertisements to different vendors or the suppliers. It also supports sales, cross-selling of products and help in impulse merchandise.

10. Shipping Integration with Tracking Functionalities

The Point of sale helps to ship products to customers with different services. Shipping module communicates directly with shipping carriers to get real-time shipping quotes. It applies shipping methods, and print out shipping labels right at your register. Customers receipt prints out with tracking details.

Our small scale and online research found that nearly 22% of freshly set up start-up retail businesses demanded tablet-based POS software systems.

Some essential advantages of mobile POS comprise of

Suppleness with types of payments

Mobile POS systems can allow payments to the kind of the entire range of swiped debit and credit cards, along with that shore up contactless technologies like Apple Pay and near field communication.

Augment the overall customer experience

We are no longer restricted to the cash registers. With the capacity to accept customer payments anywhere as well as having a straight right to use to details about retail items, your staff can speed up the number of transactions or the transaction times. Your employees can now drive your business with lesser wait times for clients and can enable a better and positive customer experience.

No difficulty in set-up and utilization

Gone are the days when staffs have to be taught for quite a lot of hours on POS systems. Mobile POS these days are over and over again trouble-free to set up and put into practice with least assistance.

List of Other POS Features
  • User-friendly Billing Interface
  • Quick Ordering
  • Interactive Menu
  • Post Pay Bill
  • Dedicated Owner App
Key Takeaways

POS is a fundamental component of retail business when deployed with sufficient understanding. By mapping, the requirements with essential functionalities can give you outstanding results for your business regarding growth aspects and overall optimization of costs. These ten features are vital for any POS software, and we ensure that the above specifications will boost the usefulness and competence of any retail business or supermarket.

What is Your Subsequent Step?

At Penguin App, we know deciding on POS software or system is an important decision for your retail business as well as a thoughtful process to implement it successfully. That is why our team of software consultants and advisors offer consultation services along with product development. Our POS systems would be a perfect fit for your retail business ventures to simplify and make your store operations more efficient and help your business to grow swiftly.

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