How to Pick Precise Retail Billing Software for your Business in 2019?


Billing is not just a one-sided affair because both customer and vendor are benefited with precise invoicing. This billing comes with its share of tensions, and if the invoicing isn’t handled correctly, the business may face some adverse effects too. This is where the invoicing or billing software comes into the picture.

The Retail Billing software or otherwise called POS software is essential for any retail business. This software can reduce much stress for the business owner and makes the entire invoicing easy and efficient. Minor issues like calculating errors, small typos or mistakes in the terms and conditions can be eliminated with the help of the POS billing system.

Surveys show that the billing systems are swiftly replacing the legacy cash drawers. Unlike cash drawers, the billing systems have the selection of maintaining the stock, tracking employees and they assist in reducing the cost of your business maintenance. All the retail stores with great foot traffic should opt for this software because it is natural and beneficial for both the customers and owners. Some of the stores that usually implement billing software are supermarkets, F&B stores, textile store, jewelry store, furniture store, and more. The core purpose of billing software is to carry out the invoicing but other than that some other imperative features are mandatory for the business. Here are the essential features that the billing software must have in this 2019.

User Interface

This is the first and foremost feature that you have to look out for. User interface means the look and feel of the software. The way software looks, the fonts that are used in it, the design of the software are some of the main points that you should consider. It is essential for you to use software that has a simple and easy user interface. This way you will be able to understand and use the software in very less time.

Online Availability of Software

Usually, the retail POS software is installed in the computers or tablets present in the store and all the functions are carried out via those hardware systems in which the software is installed. This has been a tedious task for both owners and the employees too. This is the reason why most of the owners prefer online availability of the software also. With the cloud facility, all the invoicing data will be stored in the cloud. You can access it anywhere anytime. The entire data will be on your finger-tips. Pick the software that is available both online and offline. This feature will be beneficial for the business.

Input Methods

The POS software that you are planning to opt for should have the capability to work with both keyboard and touch screen. Today you may be using the traditional computer but who knows when you get the need to invoice via your tablet or even mobile phone. This is the reason why it is essential to have software in place that is compatible with both mobiles as well as computers. This way you will be able to use your software as you want and there won’t be any need of buying the software separately.

Data Security

If you are opting for the offline software and aren’t interested in storing the data online, then you can skip this point entirely because there is no need for any extra security measures in offline software.

However, if you are using online software, then you have to make sure that the data that you are transferring has maximum security. Ask the company that is offering POS services about their cloud hosting servers. Most of the companies opt for either Amazon or Rackspace while some others have their servers. Ask the companies about the security measures that they take to keep your data safe.

Check whether the company is using the “https” services or not. It is simple, open the application and check whether the URL has “https” in it. This portion is usually highlighted in green color for better visibility. The application that has “https” certificate will encrypt the data that you send from your device to the application, and the hackers won’t be able to get hold of it.

Integration Capability

The businesses incorporate the invoicing software to automate their processes, and it is essential for the apps to integrate with other applications. The POS software shouldn’t be restricted to only billing. It must be combined with the other operations that you conduct such as accounts, inventory, sales, payroll, etc. This will make the entire process of business easy for the owner.


Almost every business makes this mistake. They invest in the software that suits their requirements for now. While this is a cost-saving method, the software won’t be useful for future requirements and enhancements. No, there is no need for you to invest in the software that has a plethora of features that you don’t need. You should invest in the software that has the scalability option where you can purchase any other feature that you need by paying some extra amount. There is some software that offers only one version of the product. It is better to steer clear of such software because if you expand your business and want some of the updated features, you won’t be able to get them in this kind of software. The software that can be updated from time to time with other features will surely make a significant difference.

Moving Forward

Finding the right POS billing software for the business is a tedious task, and it takes up a lot of time and efforts too. However, this software is very crucial for the company or industry, and you have to make sure that you buy the right kind of software for your business. You have to be on your toes in this situation and should do enough research to get the best software for your business.

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